About Us

Based out of Los Angeles, California, Bella Boss is the brain child of Andrew Jordan Freij.

Andrew has over ten years of experience in the beauty and fashion space, which pushed him into starting his own brand "Bella Boss". While working in the industry, Andrew noticed that a lot of his executives and CEO leaders, that were primarily female, were not taken so serious because of their appearance. He found it odd that women had to chose to either be sexy or smart, which was the foundation of starting Bella Boss.


At Bella Boss, Andrew strives to empower women through their wardrobe, aspiring to make the independent woman feel sexy without feeling sexualized. You can be sexy and smart, you don't have to choose. 


Our collections are meticulously curated to create a cohesive closet for everybody. In fact, you can catch Andrew wearing Bella Boss as he believes fashion has no gender.

it was important to Andrew to have inclusive and true-to-size options, offering size ranges from 0-14, (you won’t find larges that only fit a size 6 here). That being said, we are constantly striving to grow our size range and hope to do so soon. 


Andrew is passionate about spreading his fashion to the masses, and hopes to encourage women everywhere to feel confident in their appearances. 


There’s never a wrong time to be your own boss and own your style, and we look forward to taking that journey with you.



Bella Boss